The first love of my life was Brenda Gantner, and she was perfect. The most perfect girl in the whole kindergarten. She looked like one of those child beauty queens, although that was not a thing yet. She had a cute little button nose and the straightest, silkiest long brown hair. I was deeply smitten.

One day we were all lined up by the door of the lunch room waiting to go back to class. Brenda was standing right in front of me. I gazed lovingly at her angelic coif. My hand drifted out of its own accord and gently stroked it. She wheeled around, fury in her beautiful eyes. “Stop it,” she snarled. My reverie was broken, along with my spirit. It looked like it was not meant to be.

Brenda left our school and I forgot all about her until I was a junior in high school. There was a new girl, and it was none other than Brenda Gantner. However now she was very plump and wore too much makeup. Her hair was a ghastly, frosty perm piled up on her head and held in place by too much spray. I was secretly glad that things had not worked out between us in kindergarten.

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