Tetraclods are crystalline structures that accumulate in your mind-body continuum. They are the waste products of “hard living”. Not only excessive use of drugs and booze, but also extended periods of stress will leave them behind.

When you were a child, any tetraclods that appeared were almost immediately swept away by your extremely robust mind-body continuum. As you got older however, they began to stick around.

Tetraclods are polyhedrons of varying sizes, colors and numbers of facets, much like gaming dice. As such, it is possible for them to stack up as they accumulate. After a time a tetraclod’s walls will fuse with the neighboring tetraclods’ walls. Piles or stacks of fused tetraclods create hardened nodes that are impossible to remove from your mind-body continuum. With sustained hard living, the tetraclods will keep stacking up until they have used up all available space, just like in that video game with the falling colored blocks that you have to arrange into rows as they fall, and if you don’t they fill up the screen and you lose.

In the case of maxing out your mind-body continuum’s capacity for tetraclods however, the result is an increase in physical and mental problems, and eventually death. If you have avoided too much stress and hard living, you will make it well into your 90s before the tetraclods catch up to you and kill you, commonly called “dying of old age”.

We do not yet possess the technology to scour the mind-body continuum of tetraclods. When we do we will have all but eradicated disease, and cured dying of old age. We will also no longer have any reason not to live as hard as we want to, and that will be great. Until then though, I think you can see how important it is to avoid stress and hard living.

You are undoubtedly skeptical of these claims, and even if you want to believe, you may be having a hard time believing that tetraclods could be responsible for all afflictions. Believe me, that is not what I’m saying at all. Many diseases are inherited genetically, and just as many are caused by the curses of enemies, deities or the universe itself. Therefore as you know, perfectly clean living people are smitten by terrible, unjust physical and mental afflictions all the time.

In my own case, genetics was ruled out early on as a cause for my ALS. I may have been cursed by some enemies, it is true. But by far the most likely culprit – you guessed it – tetraclods. Because of this, I now regret the several years of hard living and intense stress I underwent in the lead up to my diagnosis. If I had known about tetraclods and their deleterious effects on my health, I am sure I would have made different life choices. I am hoping that medical science will develop some sort of tetraclod-destroying laser beam, or at least a shrink ray, and that this will initiate a return to full health. I check the Internet daily for such a development, but so far I have not found any mention of it.


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