Forgive me, loyal readers, for the long hiatus. I blame an insidious concatenation of bothersome tasks, writer’s block, and nice weather.

More than that though, I’m transitioning to full on handicapped-ness. My speech recognition software sits here scratching its virtual head while I eke out verbal goo, two words at a time. This is both frustrating and exhausting. I’m in the process of switching to an eye tracking computer system that will undoubtedly be super cool, but also really slow until I get the hang of it.

But that’s how it will be going forward, and like every other paradigm change ALS throws at me, I will adjust to it. Thanks for hanging in there with me and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

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3 thoughts on “Hiatus

  1. Mark, thinking of you and missing you and your posts. Sounds frustrating as hell!! I hope that you get the hang of your gadgets. Your ability to adapt is amazing, and I’m wishing you many more sunny days ahead. xo


  2. Sorry to hear about your transition. Without sugar-coating it, and though it does not really help, we wish to damn that we could do something about it. We wish we could visit with you again, but Monica, Audrey, and I will be heading off to Singapore in July to work and live for at least 2 years. We hope Atsuko and Nisi are well.


  3. I treasure your visit to Kenai and that I got to meet Atsuko and Nisi. I love to read your posts and soak in your sense of humor and candidness. I am glad you are my friend and wish I could do more! Love you friend!

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