Cease and desist

If my faithful readers are perplexed by my most recent post, Volga P, it’s because I got my first Cease and Desist! Sort of. Let me explain.

A little while back a disgruntled reader sent me correspondence to the effect that she did not at all like having information about herself “in the public domain”, and demanded that all references to her be removed immediately. Apparently she felt that a series of stories I had posted were about her.

This put me in quite a bind, as, although I hate to disgruntle anyone, the stories in question formed the backbone of an arc spanning several years of my younger days. Without them other stories would make no sense. Removing them would leave a giant gap and—how shall I put it—fuck everything up. Not only that, but I would be throwing away months of hard work typing with my eyes.

In the end though, I grudgingly deleted the offending posts. The plaintiff’s shrill emotional tone (while attempting to sound as lawyer-y as possible) led me to conclude that I don’t have time for this shit. I hit DELETE.

Once my anger wore off, I got to work on a little “patch” of a post, the almost entirely fictitious account of Volga P. I ended up having much more fun writing it than I did the earlier posts even, and I sincerely hope it entertains, if not outright gruntles you.

Thank you for your continued support.


3 thoughts on “Cease and desist

  1. Oh Mark, that sucks you had to delete posts. I hope you have offline copies. If I were you I’d have all your posts in a single Word or G docs file in order of being written so they can one day be consumed in book form. I don’t know if you used the full name or a pseudonym for the offended party, but you’d think initials or other masking would be sufficient. Must be so vain to think every song is about her.

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    • Jesus. Agreeing wholeheartedly with Steve. Whatever you wrote about her that offended her pales in comparison to the degree of snatchery I have assigned her within the universe. Peace. ✌🏾 You do you, boo. 😘

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