Letter to myself as a young man, aged 20

Dear Mark,

Dude. It’s me/you! Told you I would write you again. I have to say though, I’m a little disappointed. It looks like you didn’t take any of my advice from before. You got that letter right? Just in case you didn’t, I’m enclosing it here. Some of that stuff will still be useful. I’ll wait for you to read it if you haven’t already.Read More »

Thirty percent

When I was a really little kid, like around age three, my favorite color was deep purple. I remember being into lacy, sheer materials like my mother’s scarves, which I would drape over my head and run around the house. My dad nicknamed me Markalina. Around age five I told my mother that I wanted to be a girl. She deflected the question expertly, like this: Go tell your father.Read More »