4 thoughts on “The eye in this guy

  1. Mark, my old friend, bad ass art dude, over thinking and underthunk, poo eatin’ sinner, Satan’s pee hole (too be totally frank: I haven’t felt my pee hole in two months so I got kinda wistful).I have more to say to you but not on full public volume. Yes, young Mark, when you take Zedekiah to The Pub At The End of The Universe he will be thinking to himself:
    “Why are we taking fruit jars uphill to the pub when Penny Saver market is down hill and sells 32 ounce Bohemian lager in a convenient returnable container…” Then Young Mark, when you and Zed sit on the front porch and he is listening to some Jack London level story he will suddenly understand something new about what a friend really does with another friend. Young Zed will actually learn alot in these moments but doesn’t have the humility to say so, if he says he has actually had a decent beer before , he will be full of shit.
    When the tsunami hit Fukashima I imagined you taking pictures with a twin lens reflex camera.
    In my letter to Young Zed I am going to remind him to stay in touch with the quality motherfuckers he will meet, because they are rare. I will tell him that just because you find yourself surrounded by amazing, bad ass art people in a house in South East Portland, it doesn’t mean they are easy to find. They aren’t.

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  2. So the tracking tech… is it like hunt & peck with your eyes, a single eye, or is it faster than one-finger typing? If it’s a pain in the ass to answer then don’t, and that’ll be answer enough!! Much love, man.


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